Investment Philosophy

R.H. Bluestein & Company's investment philosophy is based on a conservative approach to the management of financial assets with an emphasis on capital preservation and long-term growth.

The basic tenet for developing a successfully managed portfolio is effective asset allocation implemented with a long-term perspective. Implicit in our investment philosophy is the continuous effort to achieve a proper balance between the risks and rewards associated with the ownership of financial assets. Accordingly, our goal is to design an investment portfolio in a manner which enables it to endure the shock of an unforeseen economic contraction and, at the same time, participate commensurately in future economic growth.

We confine our asset mix primarily to traditional investment vehicles. Our focus is on equity securities listed on national and international exchanges, securities traded over-the-counter, foreign issues, fixed-income obligations issued by the U.S. Treasury Department or various agencies of the U.S. Government, and high-grade corporate and municipal bonds rated at least single-A by Moody's or Standard & Poor's rating services. Where appropriate, we will also consider the use of commercial paper and certificates of deposit by leading issuers, as well as derivative instruments such as warrants, options on stocks, and financial futures.

We provide investment management counsel to a broad range of clients including individual investors, trusts, estates, family groups, corporations, pension plans, profit-sharing plans, foundations, and municipal employee retirement systems. Our services are tailored to reflect the goals of each portfolio in addition to the specific needs of individual clients.